Herbalist in the Big City

Recently, we had a very sudden move out of state and to a very big city. It was a very complicated situation but very necessary for our family. We had to say goodbye to all our friends and family so quickly. I also had to leave behind my wonderful gardens. I hope that who ever moves in will love them just as much as we did. I was able to take quite a few of them with me. A couple didn't make the transition and so I left because I felt like they would be happier there. It was such a whirlwind! I didn't have time to think until we got here and got unpacked a little. Then everything started to sink in.

The beautiful Lemon Bergamot I had to leave behind.

All of the plants that made the transition. I was doing a little blessing for them.
It has taken me some time to adjust to all the traffic, sirens, pollution warnings, and the cockroaches left by the previous tenants, but I am getting there slowly. More and more I am refocusing on the positives to living here and adapting to life in the big city.

Traffic on a light day and our itty bitty front yard.

Our oasis of happiness!
We have an itty bitty front yard with tons of traffic. However, we have been blessed with an lovely green oasis from the city in the back yard. We still hear the cars, but we have a few hawks in the area, a lovely family of bunnies, some adorable chipmunks, and tons of birds! Not to mention the weeds that are loving the space, like the abundance of Kudzu, Plantain, and Violets all mixed together with some Poke weed, wild berries. There are also tons of national and state parks so close to us all in the foot hills of the mountains. I am finding my footing.



Our plan is to head out of the city and toward those parks and the mountains come next year when our lease is up. I will use this year to reflect on my own health while focusing on my school, East West School of Planetary Herbology, and the education of my children. This year will be a growing lesson for me one definitely taught by the Coyote. How to find my peace, my health in a chaotic and crazy place!


  1. We miss you back here in NC, but I know your new community will fall in love with you and your family in no time. How could they not. Just don't forget to take moments for yourself while you are taking care of everyone else, including your far away friends. Love you!!

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