Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Finding Happiness in Snow

We have been getting some pretty gnarly winter weather here in NC lately. Last week it was an icy mess. You couldn't even walk across your grassy areas because you might slip and fall. My kids however thought this was the best because they could "ice skate" on grass! It was bitter cold and our heaters never stopped to rest which had me a little nervous with our wallet getting a little too light shelling out money for fuel. Today it isn't as cold but it is snowing. Everyone around here isn't used to this weather and EVERYTHING shuts down. So most people are not happy with this newest development Mother Nature is throwing our way. It is hard because some people, like my husband, dad, and brothers, have to get to work even on the snow covered roads and the county is just not equipped to deal with snow or ice very quickly. This morning when I woke, even though I love snow, I found I was also less than excited to see the white stuff. So as I made a mad dash to the store for supplies for dinner I was looking for things about this snowy weather that made me happy. Here is my list....

Ice along a rock face in Pisgah National Forest in NC in 2013.

1. IT IS NOT ICE! I am super grateful that it is powdery, white stuff and not glassy, slick stuff. It is no where near as dangerous and is a lot more fun to play in!

My oldest checking out the shapes of snow flakes.

2. The kids WANT to go OUTSIDE!! I don't care if you are 5 or 45, if you are a kid you will want to go outside for a little while anyway. They might not mind putting down the video games and turning of the tv.

My youngest loving the snow.

3. No one can look bad in the snow. Everyone seems to glow and the snow highlights hair beautifully. And unlike rain you can brush most of it off before you go inside so you won't look soggy.

Isn't he handsome!!

4. Cardinals in the snow is one of the most beautiful things in the world. All birds in the snow are fun to watch but the cardinals really stand out and they seem to know it! Must be why one of their songs is "pretty pretty pretty pretty".

A frozen stream at the Genesee County Park in East Bethany, NY.

5. There is a stillness. A quiet that we just don't get much in our busy lives and around here it makes us slow down. And sometimes slowing down in the middle of cold and flu season is exactly what we need to fight off these bad bugs. When we lived in upstate NY, even though they are well equipped for daily snow plowing and everyone could get around just fine most of the time, there was that same stillness. One of my favorite memories up there was hiking in a snowy wood. It was so beautiful and peaceful. Perfect for reflection, prayer, and self-work. 

Golden finches, house finches, juncos, and maybe a sparrow in there too.

So even though it is a bummer that my hubby has to drive home tonight in this mess and that I just mopped all my floors only to be dirtied up with muddy feet and paws. There are good things if we are willing to see them! Like these daffodil buds pushing through the snow to let us know Spring is coming and Mother Earth is alive and preparing for life. Maybe she just needed a blanket. <3

Double daffodils in the snow.

“Snow flurries began to fall and they swirled around people's 

legs like house cats. It was magical, this snow globe world.”