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Summer Solstice

Today was a beautiful solstice day! I love to roll with the seasons so I like to celebrate each of them in some way. So today we all started in the gardens! It has been unusually hot here for the month of June but some nice thunderstorms in the evenings lately have been helping to keep the plants happy!
 We had so much fun relaxing together! My husband and I drinking coffee, while laughing at one of our dogs, watching the birds, and doing a little pruning and harvesting.
 The best part of the day was a short hike at Medoc Mountain. One of our favorite places to hike around here. It is always gorgeous out there!
 My oldest, that was recently diagnosed with Crohn's disease, loves to hike but since her flare up she has been very fearful to attempt it. She didn't want to come, but I told her I won't let this disease make her stop living her life so she had to go but we would go at her pace. She made it and was so proud of herself when she finished! I was proud of her too! 

Lamb's Quarters and My Love Affair With the Weeds

Lamb's Quarters was one of the first wild weeds I ever tried. I was attending Appalachia School of Holistic Herbalism in the lovely mountains of NC. We had all met for class at the home of our school's director that she lovingly named Soulflower Botanical Sanctuary. As we were harvesting herbs in her garden she pointed out that we should gather a good basket of the young tops of the Lamb's Quarters. She had the regular kind and the most beautiful magenta colored ones too! It is super fairy fun to take the magenta or light green powder from the young leaves and rub it on your cheeks. Instant natural glitter!! They tasted like Spinach and Sweet Peas all rolled together. Needless to say, it was the trigger for a love affair with weeds I never knew I could have. 

Lamb's Quarters is also called Pigweed and is in the Goosefoot family. That is a whole lot of animals!! It can be found everywhere. Most gardeners pull it up and throw it in the compost pile, but there is so much…