Nettles, The Heart Opener

Nettles at Root House 2018
 One of my dearest plant allies is Nettles! Most people think of the sting and the burning itch but if we get past that we find it is such an amazing tonic herb for the entire body. It is high in all kinds of minerals like iron, calcium, magnesium, zinc, and more. Which is truly excellent since most of the soil our foods are grown in is so depleted we need some of these wild redeemers to help us find the minerals we are lacking in our diets. It is a blood builder and a helpful healer of the liver as well as a reproductive tonic. It helps to strengthen kidneys and the adrenals, which like our minerals get depleted in modern culture. Nettles boosts the metabolism and the immune system. I have used it in a tea to help my daughter mend her broken leg faster and it may be mama and child's best friend during growing pains. Nettles is used a lot as a tea and if well steamed or sauteed is a delicious alternative to spinach. Susun Weed talks often of overnight infusions which pull out more minerals than an average tea. These overnight infusions are where you take an ounce of herb and steep it in a quart jar overnight, straining it in the morning. Nettles is one of the herbs that she recommends for these and I find them super yum! 

Nettles in flower after a little trim
 Spiritually Nettles is considered a masculine plant ruled by the planet Mars and Fire. Energetically Nettles are huge heart openers. Notice that theme again here of heart herbs being sharp and protective! They are great for bitter people who feel they have been wronged in life and treat others harshly in anticipation of more negativity. Catherine Yronwode talks of it in one of her books as a  big time jinx breaker. I can totally see that since often it is those people who have been treated poorly who feel they have been worked over or are cursed. Nettles will help them crack their heart open and burn away the pain to be able to forgive and let go while still protecting themselves.  

Nettles at Root House 2017
Nettles are like our heart chakras that radiate green light! They shine it outward for all the world to see and feel! 

Keep your hearts open and happy my friends!! 
Blessed Viriditas!

***The information on this blog is for educational purposes only. It is not meant to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any illness. Please seek advice from a qualified health practitioner you trust before using especially if you are pregnant, breastfeeding, have a serious medical condition, or are currently taking any medications.


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