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New Year, New Direction

Happy New Year!! I am very hopeful about this year! So many amazing things grew out of 2016. It was hard but there were changes I never would have expected. I grew spiritually into places I never thought I would venture into again. Faced my own judgements. Saw my shadows for what they are. I am stronger for it.
But 2017 I am dedicating myself to working on my physical side. I served in the USCG with flat feet. I signed a waiver to get in with them. During boot camp I had several stress fractures in my legs and feet. My feet have bothered me ever since. When I was grooming dogs a few years ago it got so bad I went to a podiatrist. He showed me X-rays and he was shocked at the "uniqueness" of my feet internally. His exact words were, "I don't even know why there is bone here." I have fallen into the bad pattern of "my feet hurt so I don't want to move, I don't move so I gain weight". It hit me hard this Christmas when my feet were hurting so much…