New Year, New Direction

Happy New Year!!
I am very hopeful about this year! So many amazing things grew out of 2016. It was hard but there were changes I never would have expected. I grew spiritually into places I never thought I would venture into again. Faced my own judgements. Saw my shadows for what they are. I am stronger for it.

This picture drawn by my wonderful mentor, Cindy Ella Rhodes Durkee, resonates so deeply with my journey of faith this year. You can find more work from her here: The Christ Within
But 2017 I am dedicating myself to working on my physical side. I served in the USCG with flat feet. I signed a waiver to get in with them. During boot camp I had several stress fractures in my legs and feet. My feet have bothered me ever since. When I was grooming dogs a few years ago it got so bad I went to a podiatrist. He showed me X-rays and he was shocked at the "uniqueness" of my feet internally. His exact words were, "I don't even know why there is bone here." I have fallen into the bad pattern of "my feet hurt so I don't want to move, I don't move so I gain weight". It hit me hard this Christmas when my feet were hurting so much some nights I could hardly walk and my mom asked me (in a concerned, thoughtful way) if I thought my grandma's old walker would help me. I am 36. 
36 and in bad shape. It hit me HARD that if I don't loose the extra weight I may not be able to even walk in 10 years. That scares me. I already have a hard time on our hikes. What if I can never go on them again? What is searching for hidden plants in the forest is no longer something I can do. It would crush me. Really CRUSH me! If things are going to change I have to be strong and push myself harder than I have before. Take better care of my own "house" and remember that what I do now will always show up in the future. Yoga, the right foods for my needs, walking more, prayer, study.....these are all the focuses of this year for me.

My feet might not be normal but they are good!
 I thought long and hard about publishing this. I know there are a lot of "resolution: weight loss" posts but for me this is different. This is almost life and death for me. I want to share my struggles as well as my joys. And this is my struggle.

Along with sharing my struggle I want to share a ton more joy!! So this year I am also planning more herby goodness than last year. At least once a month but hopefully much more!! So stay tuned! I am going to work some alchemical work on my house this year!! THE ENTIRE THING!! 


Wild Cherry

In So Much Gratitude!


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